Real conversations about real issues with real guys.

A fun and open-minded support group for men.

This group workshop series is about elevating the conversations we have about sex. We will be talking about things like masculinity, libido, porn, masturbation, body image and more. BUT we'll be taking a sex positive approach where authenticity and vulnerability is encouraged. You will also have the opportunity to get coaching on any specific challenges you may be facing.

This is for you if...

  • You want to feel better in your body

  • You were raised in a culture where sex was considered shameful or wrong

  • You want to feel more confident meeting guys online and in person

  • You have insecurities that inhibit your ability to enjoy sex

  • You don't have many people in your life who can have open, honest conversations about these topics

  • You enjoy learning and growing with the support and encouragement of your peers

  • You are ready to improve your relationship with sex and sexuality

What we're covering each week

  • 1


    • A message from Michael

    • Best Practices fro Group Discussions

    • Group Rules

    • 3 Quick Questions...

    • Download Workbook

  • 2

    Workshop Topics

    • Adopting a Sex Positive Mindset

    • How to Feel Good in Your Body

    • Exploring Your Sexual Appetite

    • Your Solo Sex Life

    • Enjoying Partnered Sex

    • Best Practices for Sexual Health

  • 3

    Next Steps

    • More resources for you

We're changing the way we think about and have sex. Feel the energy of being in community while you grow and evolve... and we'll have some fun along the way! By the end of the 7 weeks, you'll feel more sexually liberated and empowered.

What's included

  • Teaching

    6 modules covering key elements of sexual empowerment: sex positivity, body image, pleasure, intimacy, and sexual health.

  • Support

    In addition to the support of your peers, you can get coached by Michael to get personalized support on your specific challenges.

  • Workbook

    Downloadable digital workbook that includes summaries of each lesson, journal prompts, application exercises, and additional resources.

  • Community

    An intimate group setting to share your experiences, get support, and connect with like-minded men. Plus, a private group to connect in between sessions.

  • Application

    Weekly challenges that stimulate your learning and get you taking tangible steps (don't worry, it's not that scary!)

  • Facilitation

    Led by an experienced facilitator who specializes in coaching gay men on topics of self-confidence, sexuality, and relationships.

Let's get started

Sign up now to reserve your spot. Enrollment will be capped to ensure a small, intimate setting for our 7 weeks together.


Workshops are held on Wednesdays from 7:00-8:00 PM Eastern. Limit of 15 people to ensure a safe and intimate setting. Registrants will receive an email with the Zoom link and downloadable workbook.

  • Workshops run weekly from April 19 to May 31

  • Workshop duration is 90 minutes

  • Our time will be allocated between teaching, group discussion, peer support and coaching

  • You'll be able to get support in between meetings and connect with other participants in a private group

  • Supplemental materials (workbook, downloads, resources) are included in the cost


Life & Wellness Coach

Michael DiIorio

After 13 years climbing the corporate ladder in leadership coaching, Michael switched focus to personal life coaching. He specializes in helping his clients build genuine self-confidence from the inside out. Michael is the co-host of the Gay Men Going Deeper podcast and a leader of the Gay Men's Brotherhood where he facilitates monthly sharing circles and group workshops with men around the world. When he's not coaching, you'll find him spending time in nature, cycling, and traveling.

What people are saying

"I need that in my life"


The biggest surprise was how much we laughed! Even about the ‘taboo’ things. Michael’s breezy approach to sex makes it fun and easy to speak freely about it. I need that in my life.

"I got to meet a new connection"


I got a lot from the workshops and I enjoyed hearing the men speak in the group discussion. Michael was an awesome facilitator; so wise, graceful, respectful and on the all ball. The material is exceptional, and I got to meet a new connection. I look forward to the next one.

"Safe space for everyone"


Michael consistently carves out a safe space for everyone to share and crafts our opinions into golden nuggets of wisdom, through his heartfelt reflections.

"Makes everyone feel welcome"


Join in, Michael is very knowledgeable, open, and makes everyone feel welcome in the workshops. Very positive and safe space. No judgement. Super knowledgeable, and you can participate as much as you’d like.


  • Do I need to attend all the workshops?

    No. You are free to choose which ones you'd like to join, but naturally I'd love to see you at all of them to foster connection and community with your peers.

  • Can I pay per workshop?

    No. For the one-time payment, you get access to all 7 workshops and all related materials.

  • I'm shy in groups. Do I need to prepare anything for the group discussions?

    Not at all. The purpose is to provide an opportunity discuss your unique experiences and listen as others do the same. You are not obligated to share; holding space for others to share is just as valuable.

  • What are the weekly challenges about?

    Register to find out! Each week, there will be a small challenge that is designed to help you apply the discussion topics 'in the real world'. They're meant to be fun and easy. Don't worry, they're not mandatory, just encouraged.

  • Why are you limiting the group size?

    My experience with group facilitation is that a size of 8-12 is the sweet spot for this content. A smaller group encourages greater sense of safety and intimacy.

  • What is the format of each workshop?

    I'll start with a brief overview of the week's topic. Then we'll go into group discussion and sharing. Finally, there will be an opportunity to get coaching and ask for peer support.

  • I'm not gay. Can I still join?

    Yes. Full disclosure: the workshop content has been designed for men who primarily have sex with men, but the concepts can still be applied to men who have sex with women or are undecided about what they like.

You deserve to feel good

Our sex "education" is often riddled with shame and judgment which makes it difficult to feel open-minded and playful in your sex life. Sexual empowerment is one of my favourite topics to coach on. You will walk away from these workshops feeling more liberated and empowered - plus you'll have connected with some awesome guys on a similar journey.